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Our book Milpa: From Seed to Salsa - Ancient Ingredients for a Sustainable Future explores through a blend of essays, recipes and documentary photography how the ancient agricultural knowledge and the wealth of 1000 year-old seeds and planting practices still in use among the Mixtec peoples of southern Mexico can help us to meet the ecological and food crises of today.

The essays, written in conjunction with campesino farmers, serve as a warning about the complicated dangerous effects inherent in the rapidly expanding distribution of GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds in Mexico, the birthplace of corn. Our documentary cookbook discusses alternatives for campesino farmers across the world and gardeners and consumers who care about food safety. Using the example of the Milpa planting system in the Mixteca Alta region of Southern Mexico just north of Oazaxa City, the book supports recent studies by UN investigators that show that small plots of land, heritage seeds and sustainable practices can in fact feed the world while enriching the soils on which we all depend for life…….

Milpa contains the traditional recipes lovingly shared by the local indigenous Mixtec women, allowing readers to re-create the culinary magic that flows from this ancient agricultural system. Recipes are painstakingly tested and photographed in traditional indigenous kitchens as well as in a professional modern test kitchen. Please purchase the book, below.....

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Advance Praise for MILPA: From Seed to Salsa

We are receiving terrific advance book previews...please take a few minutes and have a look ~

It was a real pleasure having Norma Schafer (author of the popular blog Oaxaca Cultural Navigator), in my home a couple of weeks ago, and she was able to get a sneak peek of our manuscript. Her view of our book is grounded in much personal experience in her now full-time home in Oaxaca. 

And we recently caught up with Lila Downs and Paul Cohen in Seattle during their concert tour promoting their new album Balas y Chocolate. They took time out of their hectic schedules to read and then write an endorsement of our book for which we are so grateful and appreciative.

Judith Haden and Lila Downs
“This wonderful book is a delightful voyage for the eyes, the spirit, and the tastebuds. Through amazing recipes, photos, and narrative it takes the reader on a journey in time and reveals the sacred Mixtec relationship with the Mother Earth, which has evolved over thousands of years. Using this wisdom, it points to a hopeful future rooted in diversity, balance and strength.”

“Este maravilloso libro es un viaje hermoso para la vista, el espíritu, y el paladar. A través de increíbles recetas, fotos y narrativa lleva al lector a un viaje en el tiempo y revela la relación sagrada de los mixtecos con la Madre Tierra que ha evolucionado a lo largo de miles de años. El uso de esta sabiduría señala a un futuro de esperanza arraigada en la diversidad, equilibrio y fuerza.”

Lila Downs, Three-time Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist and Composer    

For questions, please write to Judith Haden:  haden.judith(at)gmail.com

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